What is Different Actually?

We are media company which showcases different people from different parts of the world doing different things, all either awesome / meaningful / entertaining.

Our team of internet junkies spend their day crawling the internet for quality content so you don’t have to. Our goal is to curate content that has a positive impact on your day. All of our content will either inspire you, motivate you, enlighten you or at the very least entertain you! None of our content at the very least is boring! We try our best to fact check. Hope you enjoy it!

How can you contact us?

If you want to suggest content, tweet it at us (@Awesome2follow) or email hello@AwesomeActually.com

Email hello@AwesomeActually.com if you have feedback on the site.

If you are from the press and would like to interview someone about AwesomeActually, email press@AwesomeActually.com. Note that we only respond to press inquiries here, please, please do not send content suggestions. =)

For copyright, licensing, and permissions questions/concerns, please email copyright@AwesomeActually.com.

To discuss business development / partnerships, you can email partnerships@AwesomeActually.com.
We’re a small team but we promise we’ll get back to you & we read everything….as long as you are not a spam bot.